Purchase Ledger Automation

Release the full potential of your financial processing.

What is Purchase Ledger Automation (PLA)?

Here at Synertec, we’re experts in Purchase Ledger Automation. This means that we can solve your purchase ledger needs through the use of our Prism technology.

The need to automate manual process driven tasks has never been higher, especially with the increase in remote working. That’s where we step in. We help our customers automate the lifecycle of a purchase invoice, from receipt through to input into your ERP and everything in between.

How does PLA work?

Prism will:

  • Monitor your Purchase Ledger (PL) inbox or network location to capture your PL Invoices
  • Extract all data from these documents
  • Validate that the information is accurate and complete
  • Match against data provided on a PO/GRN from your ERP
  • Provide the required data to a predetermined file of your specification, ready for upload into your finance/ERP system
  • Archive a copy of the purchase invoice indexed to your specifications for easy retrieval via ‘Prism Client’

Why use Synertec’s PLA

  • Full and true extraction methods for complete accuracy
  • Pay as you go (no minimum usage)
  • A Universal PLA template for quicker & full uptake of all suppliers
  • Eliminates costs of manually processing Purchase Ledger Invoices
  • Repurposes employees to more productive, cash generating tasks
  • Eliminates the cost of errors from using traditional OCR methods
  • Reduce costly manual errors