Data Capture

We have never failed to find a way to capture data and work with the data presented to us by any customer.

This includes handling files like PCL, Postscript and PDF; structured data files like XML, EDI, and HTML; as well as text files like delimited, fixed width and generic text.


Handling diverse data formats within the most complex systems is our special expertise.

Indeed, we make a confident promise: Regardless of the number of systems you use, and the complexity of the data formats produced, we guarantee to deliver an efficient, cost-effective solution with our unique solution to capturing data.

Nowhere is this better demonstrated than with our healthcare customers, for whom we control patient letters from a huge range of systems in different specialties, simply and seamlessly.

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We constantly exceed expectations by transforming captured information into precisely what you need to produce.


We have developed delivery solutions which satisfy the diverse needs of all our customers.


Our solution contains a simple and free archive facility that satisfies the requirements of most of our customers. For those who want or need documents to be archived into their existing systems, we facilitate this too.


We track every document through each stage of its lifecycle and will provide detailed reporting to meet every customer’s individual needs.


Where human interaction is required in the lifecycle of any document, whether for quality checking, approval, editing or any other requirement, we will build a simple and intuitive solution to meet your needs.

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