Complete Document Control

Synertec exists to give organisations smarter, more efficient, more reliable, less costly ways to create, distribute and manage their important communications.

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“Many NHS Trusts work with and rely on Synertec”

“We improve efficiency – and drive down costs”

“There’s no file format we can’t handle”

“Our strong reputation has been built since the turn of the century”

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Each year, we simply ensure that more than 100 million documents reach their intended recipients and achieve their intended objectives.

The solutions we create to achieve this are bespoke, tailored to our customers’ exact and individual needs. This is complete document control.

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Our offering

Our offer to customers is our extensive range of tools, technologies and expertise which brings simplicity to the complexity of managing documents. Our approach is meticulously crafted to unlock efficiency and value in your organisation.

At its simplest this approach is applied to smartly capture and positively transform the information in your business to efficiently deliver communications in all the ways you need.

Our approach is underpinned and enhanced by workflow, archiving and audit capabilities; along with processes that ensure transparency, security and effective measurement.

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Our sector expertise

We understand that specific sectors have their own challenges, standards and focus.

For our customers in the Healthcare sector: cost reductions, increased choice, accessibility and digital migration are front of mind.

Our Government sector organisations need great flexibility to deliver a broad range of services, whilst working towards the government digital agenda.

Whilst in the Commercial sector, more effective transactional communication and relationship management are key.

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Working with us


It is only by truly understanding our customers, that we can become your trusted expert consultants and build the simplest, most efficient solution to meet your unique needs.


We choose our suppliers as partners who share our uncompromising attitude and dynamic approach, and collaborate with them to deliver the best solutions for our customers.

Our people

Are you relentlessly curious? Do you strive for excellence? Are you inspired when collaborating with others? Then we would love to discover what you can bring to our business.

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