Synertec's 25th Anniversary

Over the past 25 years, we have worked tirelessly to provide the highest quality products and services to our

customers. We have overcome challenges and embraced opportunities, and we are proud of the sustainable growth and mutual success we have achieved with our customers, suppliers and people who have made it possible.

Our Anniversary Logo

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our 25th Anniversary logo which commemorates this milestone.

As we reflect on our journey, we are grateful for the support and trust of our loyal customers, suppliers, and our people. We look forward to continuing to serve you with the same passion and dedication for the next 25 years and beyond. Thank you for being a part of our journey.

Our History

Our journey has been marked by innovation, hard work, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. We have overcome countless obstacles and setbacks, always emerging stronger and more determined than before. As we look to the future, we are excited to continue our journey, building on our past achievements and striving for even greater heights.


The story begins…

Having overheard Mark Baldock be assured it was not feasible to programmatically extract text reliably from a Microsoft Word document, a 19-year old Stuart Nester decided to spend his weekend producing evidence to support his view that it was. In 1996 he showed Mark his results – he had achieved what was supposedly not feasible!


3 years later...

Synertec Ltd began trading in Taunton.

The initial objective of the business was to sell and service enough Folding and Inserting machines in order to fund the development of a new software product.

What is in a name?

We wanted our company name to reflect our desire to achieve mutuality with our customers. 

The name Synertec derived from a combination of synergy and technology and speaks of our promise that real benefits and savings can be achieved. 


The circle is closed...

In March 2000 Mark Baldock started working for Synertec, tasked with working out how to develop and deliver the new software product. Mark had maintained contact with Stuart Nester and recalling the conversation of 3 years earlier, he asked for his advice. Later that year, Stuart joined the company.



Our unique software solution, Prism, was first sold.


Pay As you Mail begins...

As a result of the success of our Fax Bureau, which at its peak was sending faxes 24 hours a day over 12 high speed modems, it became obvious that many organisations wanted us to provide a complete production solution for them.


Our Pay As You Mail (PAYM) production site was opened on the Ground Floor of our Head Office in Wellington.


The growth of PAYM...

We quickly upscaled, moving our production site out of Head Office and into a dedicated building on the same business park, significantly increasing capacity. This also made way for a large redevelopment of Head Office over the coming years, quadrupling the office-space available.


In 2007 we also made the decision to sell the part of the business selling and maintaining folding and inserting machines.


Advances in technology...

As technology developed, so did Prism. In 2008 we started to send electronic communications on behalf of our customers, supporting them with the start of their digital transformation



Spreading our wings...

The volume of PAYM letters we were producing across multiple sectors started to exceed capacity, so we opened our 2nd production site in Radlett, in the South East corner of the UK.



2012 saw us close our original production site in Wellington and open two new sites, one in Bristol and one in Warrington. At this point we were running 3 production sites– Radlett, Bristol, and Warrington.


All good things come to an end…

We decided it was finally time to remove our fax service.



Technological advancements were making us more efficient, enabling us to print and insert more documents in a shorter period of time, so we consolidated back to two production sites, closing Radlett and keeping Bristol and Warrington open.



We opened our offices in Bristol, significantly increasing capacity for office-based staff.



Prism continued to be developed and 2017 saw the birth of our new solution to help the NHS meet the accessibility needs of their patients and the government mandated Accessible Information Standard.


Handing over the reins...

2019-2020 saw an expansion of our Senior Leadership team and a change in our Managing Director. Mark Baldock stepped down after an incredibly successful 19 years, handing over the reins to Tom Baldock.


The immunisation campaigns begin…

We stepped up to the challenge of delivering vaccination invitations to the nation to support ongoing global pandemic efforts.


Newest Production Site…

We opened what is now our 3rd Production site in Milton Keynes to increase capacity and ensure appropriate disaster recovery.

Recognition from Canon...

In 2021 we were recognised as the first customer to produce over 1 billion prints on a specific model of Canon printer.


Expanding offices...

The number of office-based staff continued to grow, so we opened up our 3rd office in Milton Keynes.


Our 25th Anniversary...

We have reached Our 25th Anniversary! Thank you to our people, customers and suppliers over the past 25 years, we are looking forward to the future.

Thank you for being a part of our journey.

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