Our History

The Beginning

Founded in 1999 after a breakthrough in text extraction software, Synertec aimed to fund its software development by selling and servicing desktop Folder-Inserters. Combining the concepts of Synergy and Technology, our company name reflects our commitment to customer collaboration.

Software and Production

We launched our software, Prism, and focused on enhancing the functionality of Folder-Inserters. Our adaptable approach allowed us to cater to various customer needs, leading to the development of a versatile software that supports numerous print and data formats. As our success grew, we introduced the Pay As You Mail (PAYM) production solution, enabling clients to outsource their mailrooms. Our production sites expanded to Bristol, Warrington, and Milton Keynes, while our Head Office remains in Wellington.


Continually evolving, we now focus on digital offerings and finding solutions that meet our customers' needs in the present and future. Our adaptability was showcased during the COVID pandemic, as we provided both physical and electronic communications to support the NHS vaccination rollout. Synertec takes pride in handling document distribution for our public and private clients, allowing them to focus on their core competencies.

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