Our Values

We focus on people development because bright minds grow our business.

One person sat looking at a computer screen with another person stood behind, pointing at the screen.

These five vowels are representative of our core values; the things we believe in. They shape the way we go about our business, every day.



We are intellectually restless; we strive always for better. Our entrepreneurial spirit drives us to find new ways to contribute to our customers’ businesses.



Best is our only benchmark, and always will be. It’s the goal that drives us in everything

we do, every day.



To us, honesty and trust are everything. We do all we can to continue to deserve the trust of our customers, suppliers,

and people.



We don’t lock customers into contracts. We enable our people to work collaboratively and give them the freedom to achieve.



To create concinnity with our customers, suppliers, and people to achieve harmonious and mutually beneficial partnerships.

We know our success is linked with theirs.

“We will grow our business by: being recognised as acknowledged experts; earning the absolute trust of customers and suppliers alike; and above all by enhancing the talents of our people who make it possible.”

Our Objectives

Our guiding aim is to deliver sustainable Company value by constantly improving the long-term operating performance of the business.

To make this happen we focus on six objectives:


We work to ensure our long-term security through effective financial control.


We develop caring relationships with employees, suppliers and customers which deliver mutual and enduring value.


We act ethically and with integrity in all interactions with employees, suppliers, and customers.

Brand Strength

We build our brand to make Synertec synonymous with integrity, control, excellence, innovation, flexibility, and value.

Sustained Expansion

We recognise and seize opportunity for growth in existing and closely related markets.

Entrepreneurial Thinking

We nurture our innovative culture and react quickly and decisively to new opportunities.

Our brand is much more than the way our communications look and feel.

It is the essence of our business; the core values we stand for, the way we work and behave and the qualities that make us who we are.

Our brand is our promise to our customers, our suppliers, and our people; it defines the expectations that they are entitled to have of us, and the standards we impose on ourselves.

Our brand defines our aspirations.

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