Our technology coupled with over a decade of working with our NHS Trust partners means we provide a complete solution for Healthcare communications. Even against a backdrop of resource and budget constraints, our innovation enables the Health Service to support the individual needs and preferences of millions of patients.

Working with Synertec means:

Significant direct cost savings

2-way appointment management communication

Consistent, high-quality, and prompt patient communication across departments, clinics, and Trust systems

Automated appointment reminders and FFT feedback

Efficiency gains from automation of manual processes

Reduced Did Not Attend (DNA) rates

Simple, fast implementation with very short payback periods

Reduced risk, from a proven and secure solution

Simple, secure electronic delivery choices for patients

A shared source of information for patient communication needs and preferences, visible to all

Meeting patient accessibility needs consistently, with communications received in the same timescales as for all other patients

Customer challenges in healthcare

Consistency for patients

Complex patient pathways make consistency very hard to achieve. Patients could easily receive 10 letters from 6 different Trust systems as part of a single treatment incident.

The depth of our expertise, combined with our unparalleled ability to work with any system, means we build solutions specific to the needs of individual Trusts. This makes us uniquely able to help Trusts achieve the consistency they need, while simplifying and harmonising processes and reducing costs.

The Accessible Information Standard

Mandated by NHS England, The Equality Act, The Care Act, The Health and Social Care Act and an equality objective within CQC inspections, the Accessible Information Standard must be met by all Health and Social Care providers.

This is a major challenge for all NHS Trusts, particularly when budget constrained. How can you stop an individual letter amongst thousands leaving in a format inappropriate to the patient? How can consistency be maintained across all clinical systems? How can patient needs be shared between clinical systems, providing visibility to everyone? And how can any of this be achieved within existing budgets?

These are the challenges we are already solving today for NHS Trusts around the UK.

Digital Migration

A move towards digital communication with patients is a core objective across the NHS, driven by increasing patient demand as well as the Paperless 2020 programme.

But migration is challenging and without a cohesive plan, poorly aligned projects can lead to greater complexity, increased costs, and compromised effectiveness.

At Synertec we are experts with proven solutions that navigate the complex patient pathways and Trust systems. We help you maximise the cost and efficiency benefits of the move to digital communications.

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