Since the beginning of the 21st century we have been providing commercial businesses and organisations with complete document control. So we know that irrespective of the size, shape and complexity of your business, we can create a solution to meet your current needs and fulfil your future aspirations.

We support our customers to meet the evolving demands of their client base, and make document workflows increasingly efficient and more cost-effective.

Working with Synertec means:

Significant direct cost savings

Simple, fast implementation with very short payback periods

Efficiency gains through automation of manual processes

A flexible solution that will continue to support your changing needs perfectly

End-to-end solutions for document integration with both customers and suppliers

Reduced risk, from a proven and secure solution

Cashflow improvements from simple process refinements

Simple secure electronic delivery with the flexibility to meet customer needs

Customer challenges in commercial

Bespoke communications

Increasingly, businesses need to cut costs and improve their customer communications in the face of threats from competitors. But optimising communication capabilities is a challenging distraction from core business.

Fortunately, it’s what we do best.

Our unparalleled range of delivery capabilities provide market-leading efficiency, flexibility – and future proof performance.

We take care of the complete process, and work as your trusted experts to deliver the results you want with a solution designed specifically for you – with no changes to your normal business processes.

Purchase ledger integration

Mandated by NHS England, The Equality Act, The Care Act, The Health and Social Care Act and an equality objective within CQC inspections, the Accessible Information Standard must be met by all Health and Social Care providers.

This is a major challenge for all NHS Trusts, particularly when budget constrained. How can you stop an individual letter amongst thousands leaving in a format inappropriate to the patient? How can consistency be maintained across all clinical systems? How can patient needs be shared between clinical systems, providing visibility to everyone? And how can any of this be achieved within existing budgets?

These are the challenges we are already solving today for NHS Trusts around the UK.

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