Our solutions help Local Authorities meet the many and diverse requirements of every department’s direct customer communication. We drive efficiencies, cost reductions and quality improvements whilst meeting the individual needs and preferences of millions of customers. And we do this within existing resource and budget constraints.

Working with Synertec means:

  • Significant direct cost savings
  • Efficiency gains through automation of manual processes
  • Consistent, reliable and prompt customer communication regardless of department or system
  • Simple, secure electronic delivery with the flexibility to match customer demand
  • A complete solution for capturing and facilitating customer communication needs and preferences
  • Cash flow improvements through simple and secure interactive query and payment process
  • Accessible Information Standard compliance
  • Simple, fast implementation with very short payback periods
  • A solution that will continue to deliver and support your changing needs
  • Reduced risk, from a proven and secure solution

Customer challenges in government

Diverse communication requirements

Government communications have a broad and varied audience. The challenge presented by this diversity is complicated further by the need to meet the fast evolving demands for specific information and documentation formats.

Irrespective of the systems you operate, our expertise will deliver and manage an integrated outgoing postal communication service alongside a bespoke electronic delivery solution. Automated customisation applied at ‘recipient’ level, ensures consistency for your customers – and a truly future proof solution for your organisation.

The Accessible Information Standard

Mandated by NHS England, The Equality Act, The Care Act and The Health and Social Care Act, the Accessible Information Standard must be met by all Health and Social Care providers.

This is a major challenge for Social Care departments, particularly when budget constrained. How can you stop an individual letter amongst thousands leaving in a format inappropriate to the customer? How can consistency be maintained across all software systems? How can customer needs be shared between software systems, providing visibility to everyone? And how can any of this be achieved within existing budgets?

These are the challenges we are already solving today for organisations around the UK.

Government digital strategy

Government is committed to redesigning its digital services to encourage an increasing use. But migration is challenging and without a cohesive plan, poorly aligned projects can lead to greater complexity, increased cost and compromised effectiveness.

At Synertec we are experts, with proven solutions that navigate the diverse communication requirements and software systems in use. We help you maximise the cost and efficiency benefits of the move to digital communications.

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