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Synertec’s Email Delivery Solution (EDS) provides you with a reliable and secure method of sending emails through Prism.

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Synertec have introduced new Prism functionality called the Email Delivery Solution. The Email Delivery Solution enables the Prism applications to send emails; removing the requirement for Outlook or using the customer’s Exchange infrastructure to do so.

The below flowchart outlines how the Email Delivery Solution works:


There is no change to the way our customers send documents to Prism, or how document routing is determined, the only difference is that emails are sent via the Email Delivery Solution, which has the following benefits:

No sending limits imposed, as there are currently with other email providers

Projects can be completed in less time as there is no requirement for Outlook licencing

Increased level of reporting feedback to enhance the user experience

Opportunity to reduce

costs for documents delivered

via email


What information will I need to provide to send emails via EDS?

Synertec will support the customer throughout the process of enabling EDS, including providing guidance on the details needed from the customer.

Can I use my own domain?

Yes, depending on your preference, we can configure your emails to use your own domain or a domain that we provide.

Documentation providing an overview of considerations of each option can be provided upon request.

Can EDS be used to receive emails?

There is currently no function to receive emails through EDS; EDS will be used to send outgoing emails on your behalf.

Customers benefitting from our Purchase Ledger Automation (PLA) solution will need to continue to utilise Microsoft Outlook for processing incoming financial documents.

Please note, Prism can retrieve documents using direct 365 integration, removing the requirement for the Microsoft Outlook client.

How secure is EDS?

Emails sent using EDS by default, use opportunistic TLS. This means that EDS always attempts to make a secure connection to the receiving mail server. If EDS can’t establish a secure connection, it sends the message unencrypted. More information about the Amazon SES security protocols can be found at:

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