Synertec’s partnership with Joseph Parr

Synertec work with Joseph Parr to provide Hybrid Mailing and business process automation. This means that Synertec can manage the companies incoming and outgoing electronic, hardcopy communications, while also covering their information and data requirements. This supports all 7 of the Joseph Parr branches across the UK.

 In 2008, Joseph Parr wanted to improve and automate the way the company handled their communications, so they undertook a project to automate a previously manual process and improve the consistency of their customer experience by streamlining their communications and unifying the governance of the company’s brand identity.

Since 2008, Joseph Parr have been working with Synertec across all of their branches. Their goal was to repurpose employees to be utilised for more cash generating and business critical tasks. A foundation of knowledge of our Prism software over the years has laid a solid groundwork to enable new projects since the inception of PAYM and PAYX. For example, the Middlesbrough branch have begun the implementation process of PLA – Synertec’s software that automates the retrieval of purchase ledger documents.  This will simplify a usually expensive and complex manual process.

How does it work?

To complete the setup process, this required our dedicated team at Synertec to implement Prism into the company’s ERP system, allowing the functionality of Pay As You Mail (PAYM) and Pay As You Exchange (PAYX). This was guided by our committed teams, who followed up with details of how best to utilise Prim’s functionality, ensuring that all staff were comfortable using the new system. Barry Campbell stated: “We would highly recommend the service experience and the working relationship allows new ideas to be continually implemented.”

Synertec were able personalise and automate the way that Joseph Parr handles their communications. The company’s mission was to improve the business process of the company and allow employees to focus on their business-critical tasks. 

Synertec’s solution has provided the ability to streamline the company’s communications, whilst personalising the solution to the individual needs of the company. Barry Campbell from Joseph Parr stated that: “we believe we now have a business partner in digital solutions who will always tailor their services to our requirements.” Synertec foster an open and ongoing relationship with Joseph Parr, which encourages the continual adaptation of Synertec’s solution to be customised in accordance with the changing landscape of the businesses mission, criteria and growth. As organisations inevitably change and expand, Synertec have the flexibility to adapt their software to the ever-changing needs of businesses.

Key Benefits

Joseph Parr found that they were able to automate their previously manual process by implementing Prism into the company’s ERP system. They have been using various functions of Prism, such as PAYM and PAYX, with Purchase Ledger Automation and VaultLink soon to be implemented across multiple branches. The company have seen the benefit of centralising their company communications, and simplifying the complex process of sending outgoing communications. When asked about Joseph Parr’s adoption of Prism, Barry stated that “this eradicated time spent manually processing documents which has dramatically improved business process, improved visuals and customer experience and increased the productivity of our staff members.”

Since the inception of Prism’s installation with Synertec, Joseph Parr have realised significant cost and time saving benefits. The teams across the organisation are now able to spend more time on business critical, cash generating tasks, whilst also seeing significant savings through Synertec’s High volume postage discounts. The company also benefits from Synertec’s personalisation templates that are consistently updated.   As well as Prism’s archive, workflow and audit function that their employees can utilise to organise, edit and store important communications.

Synertec have delivered quantifiable efficiency gains, and the automation of the communications have increased their cost-saving capabilities. Barry stated that “Synertec made it possible to digitally transform our business.”

Here at Synertec, we are extremely pleased to support Joseph Parr and help them realise their goals of digitising their communications. We look forward to the continuation of our work together.

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