Synertec’s Partnership with Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation

Synertec has been working with The Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation (RSCH) for over 7 years sending communications to their patients and automating administrative processes. Before working with Synertec, RSCH needed admin staff to print, pack and post letters by hand. Due to this if a letter was
misplaced, or if an admin staff member was off work, inconsistencies were more likely to be made throughout the process. This would cause a knock-on effect when a Patient or a GP surgery did not receive important documents at the right time.

RSCH’s main objectives were to create a seamless process and reduce human error in communicating information to their patients. Synertec has over 20 years of knowledge in working with NHS trusts to enhance patient communications and they were on hand to assist in making the foundation more efficient in this area.

How does it work?

Pay as you mail (PAYM) is a flexible solution that Synertec provides RSCH, which enables them to send out all communications they need to, while only paying for the letters they send, when they send them. Synertec’s state-of-the-art production sites are secure, reliable and allow for effective creation and fast
delivery of communications. Rebecca Arnaud, Senior Assistant Service Manager for Patient Services from RSCH, told us “This has massively reduced our administration time for this process and allowed us to reduce the number of administrators required in that team.” Rather than packing letters, the staff are now
able to prioritise their time on other important administrative duties for the foundation. Synertec were able to build an open and trusting relationship with the foundation to gain a deep understanding of what was needed for the project to have a successful outcome for everyone. With the use of their Prism software, they were able to customise the process to RSCH’s needs. Rebecca Arnaud said, “The customer experience was great – a really supportive team and responsive to my queries”.

Key Benefits

One of the biggest advantages of this project was the financial savings RSCH were able to make from these changes. They were able to save by not having to invest in printing supplies, machines, courier costs, and the cost of the administrator’s time that would have taken to manually pack and send each letter. Due to the high volume of letters sent at the sites, Synertec can provide bulk discounts meaning savings can be made in many areas, compared to doing the processes manually. By streamlining these processes, RSCH have been able to ensure data accuracy and consistency by removing the risk of human error in handling the documents. Rebecca Arnaud, said, “This has a positive financial impact as well as creating a smoother process and removing delays due to sickness/human error”.
Synertec are pleased to have met the initial needs of RSCH and are proud of the ongoing relationship they have, which is continuing to adapt to the foundation’s communication needs. We look forward to working on a new project with RSCH soon.

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